Getting Your Test Results

LabtestFor routine screening tests

  • Routine screening tests are done as a precaution or for preventative health reasons, and there is no expectation of finding an abnormality.
  • You will not be routinely notified of the result, unless it requires some additional action. However, if you want to verify that all is well, you are welcome to ring for routine test results if you wish (337 0220).

For diagnostic test results

  • Diagnostic tests are performed to try to cast light on a particular problem or aid in making a diagnosis.
  • Either the doctor ordering the tests or one of our nurses will¬†ensure that results are appropriately followed up and that you are notified when they are to hand,¬†generally within a week of the test having been reported.
  • If you have not been notified as expected, feel free to call us (337 0220).

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