The Cabin arrives

Cabin in car park.

The cabin is for consulting with at-risk patients.

With the Omicron variant of Covid-19 starting to spread in our community, we are changing our consulting patterns to reduce the risk of spread in our practice.

You will now see residing in our car park a small cabin where we can see at-risk patients, with the goal of reducing the spread of infection to staff and other patients inside the main building.

Having this separate work space overs improved ventilation and means we can more effectively disinfect between patients.

We are grateful your understanding if it turns out we need to consult with you in the cabin rather than in the main building.

For further information see the pages on Covid-19, on our Home Page under General information.

Inside the cabin.

A little spartan, but has everything we need to assess our at-risk patients.

Coronavirus action

Coronavirus update image

As you know, the current Covid-19 pandemic is causing serious community and social disruption in New Zealand.  We all need to adjust how we live our lives to try and keep everyone safe.

General Practice focus

Your family health team have multiple priorities in the current environment, including:

  • continuing to provide health care for our patients in need
  • reducing the risk of infection to our patients and the community
  • keeping our healthcare workers and employees safe

How this effects you (our patients)

Working on the principals of keeping our distance and minimising social contact, we encourage the following changes:

Phone prescriptions

Given the circumstances we will have a low threshhold for offering repeat prescriptions without a follow-up consultation. If you are only requiring repeat medication and there are no current health concerns, please phone and request a phone script. Please be clear exactly which medications you need prescribed, to avoid the need for the doctor to call you back to clarify.

Phone consultations

If you don’t need to physically attend the practice, please ring and book in for a phone consultation. Many issues can be effectively addressed on the phone, and prescriptions if required can be faxed through to your pharmacy. We are currently also able to undertake assessments for MSD Work Capacity Certificates and ACC follow-up ACC18 certificates.

If you are unsure whether your issue can be addressed on the phone, please ring and discuss with a nurse first. You and the nurse will be able to determine whether a phone or face-to-face consultation is appropriate, and the nurse can then book you in for one or the other.

Minimising spread

We will be instituting some of the following in an attempt to minimise risk of spreading infection:

  • encouraging patients to sit apart from each other
  • encouraging patients to sit in their car until their appointment time comes up (please phone from your mobile when you arrive in the car park, and reception can ring you back when you are needed)
  • having some seating outdoors, weather permitting
  • spacing out appointments to reduce numbers in the waiting room
  • providing masks and hand sanitiser at the door
  • avoiding hand shaking and other unnecessary physical contact
  • no magazine or toys in the waiting room, as they can spread the virus

Parting words

Stay safe out there everyone. Stay home as much as you can and minimise community movements. Enjoy time with family. The staff at Cashmere Medical Practice wish you all the best in these trying times.

Extra health funding from 1st December 2018

As part of promises made in Budget 2018, changes are taking place from 1 December 2018 intended to make GP visits more affordable for certain groups.

Free for under 14 year olds

  • Free consultations for children will be extended to include all children under 14 years of age.

Community Services Card (CSC) holders (non-ACC consults)

  • GP’s have been given the option to accept a government contract aiming to provide lower fees to patients with CSC’s (community services cards). Cashmere Medical Practice will not be opting in to this scheme in its current form, meaning that fees for CSC holders will remain the same.
  • One of the main issues for Cashmere Medical Practice is that with the proposed CSC scheme it is anticipated that many more patients will attend for appointments and advice. For some age groups this increase could be as high as 30%. This would mean a significant increase in workload for all the staff at Cashmere Medical Practice. Already we are often fully booked and any increase in demand could make it even more difficult for patients to get appointments when they want them. Because we are a small practice, we do not have the ability to hire more staff to accommodate an increase in demand. We wish to continue to provide an effective and valued service for our patients.
  • We understand that some patients may decide to transfer to another practice due to financial constraints. We do have patients from all income levels who choose to make regular payments, e.g. $10 per week, enabling them to visit the practice at times of need. This spreads the cost of visits over the year making it easier to budget.
  • At a growing number of practices, it is not always possible to see the GP of your choice. At Cashmere Medical Practice we pride ourselves in the fact that our patients are generally able to see their own GP. We will continue to strive to provide you with the best possible service.

ACC consults for CSC holders

  • From 1st December 2018, there will however, be additional government funding for ACC consultations for patients with CSC’s (and their dependents).
  • Therefore the cost of an ACC consultation for this group of patients will drop by about $25.
    See our Fees Schedule for current charges.

Receptionist news

We welcome Raechal, our new Monday receptionist, who started August 2018.  She is enthusiastic and picking things up quickly.

Tracey continues to work Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Elaine Thursdays and Fridays.

Currently Elaine is enjoying an extended overseas holiday for 3 months, including returning to visit family in the land of the Haggis.  While she is away you may meet Chris, who is doing a wonderful job filling in until Elaine returns with all her news and stories.

Foundation Standard Achieved

Foundation Standard Certificate

Foundation Standard Certificate

After many months of hard work from all members of the team, Cashmere Medical Practice is proud to have finally attained Foundation Standard accreditation for our medical practice, with our certificate being issued on 25/5/16.  We were the 2nd practice in the South Island to successfully meet this standard.

Foundation Standard is a stringent set of criteria that a medical practice has to meet, in order to ensure the highest quality patient care.  It covers a broad range of topics, including quality of care, accessibility, record keeping, safety of staff and patients, cultural issues and so on.  It has taken our team many dozens of hours of hard labour to finally attain this goal, proving that a smaller more intimate practice can offers the best quality of care to you, the patients.

Below you can see for yourself our hard working team, jubilant at having just been awarded our certificate by Vince Barry, the CEO of Pegasus IPA, Martin Carroll our quality assessor and Kate Wang from the New Zealand Medical Association.  Well done everybody.  In the photo are Cheryl and Elaine (receptionists), Dr Sandra Fountain, Dr David Rollinson and Jan (practice nurse).

The Foundation Standard Team

The Foundation Standard Team

Power outage

Power cutOn Wed 27/1/16 we experienced a power cut between 10.45am and 12pm.  As a result our computers and phones were down, rather traumatic for all concerned.  If you had been trying to phone us and couldn’t get through, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Air conditioning

Heat pumpOne of the advantages of new staff is new ideas.  After many years of suffering the cloying hot days of summer by opening windows and using fans, we decided enough was enough.  In December 2015 we had our air conditioning substantially expanded to cover the whole building.  I have to say that Gavin Lowe Energy did an excellent job and had it all installed and running in only a couple of weeks from our order, allowing us all to feel very cool over the Christmas and New Year period.  The system running on low is virtually inaudible and transforms the comfort level in the consulting and nurses’ rooms.  It’s almost worth getting sick just to come and experience the comfort 🙂

Practice Expansion

Dr Fountain joins the practice

Practice renovations in progress

OMG, we have to open in 2 weeks!

In March 2015 Dr Sandra Fountain (formerly based at Lincoln Rd Medical Rooms) joined the practice.  Over the 3 months prior to this, fairly major structural changes had to be made to the building to accommodate an additional doctor.  The original reception area was gutted and expanded to be transformed into the new waiting room (seen on the Home Page), and the original waiting room became Dr Fountain’s consulting room.  The nurses room was reduced in size a little to expand the waiting room.  H & R Garlick Builders did an amazing job, first wrecking the place, then unbelievably, getting it back to a state where we could open again by the 5/1/15.  Thanks guys.  At the same time we decided to modernize our plumbing and changed over to gas hot water.

Sharyn & Gordon's motor home

Sharyn & Gordon’s motor home

New staff

To cope with the resultant greater patient load there have been some staff changes.  Sharyn, Dr Rollinson’s practice nurse of many years, decided to move on to take up a life of leisure travelling round the country with her husband in their newly acquired mobile home.  To replace her the practice now has two new experienced nurses, Jan and Lisa, both very motivated and keen on their exercise.  Cheryl, Dr Rollinson’s receptionist of many years, now only works Mon-Wed, and Elaine has joined us to cover Thursdays and Fridays.  We have also been blessed with some excellent part-time staff to cover absences and holidays.