Foundation Standard Achieved

Foundation Standard Certificate

Foundation Standard Certificate

After many months of hard work from all members of the team, Cashmere Medical Practice is proud to have finally attained Foundation Standard accreditation for our medical practice, with our certificate being issued on 25/5/16.  We were the 2nd practice in the South Island to successfully meet this standard.

Foundation Standard is a stringent set of criteria that a medical practice has to meet, in order to ensure the highest quality patient care.  It covers a broad range of topics, including quality of care, accessibility, record keeping, safety of staff and patients, cultural issues and so on.  It has taken our team many dozens of hours of hard labour to finally attain this goal, proving that a smaller more intimate practice can offers the best quality of care to you, the patients.

Below you can see for yourself our hard working team, jubilant at having just been awarded our certificate by Vince Barry, the CEO of Pegasus IPA, Martin Carroll our quality assessor and Kate Wang from the New Zealand Medical Association.  Well done everybody.  In the photo are Cheryl and Elaine (receptionists), Dr Sandra Fountain, Dr David Rollinson and Jan (practice nurse).

The Foundation Standard Team

The Foundation Standard Team

Power outage

Power cutOn Wed 27/1/16 we experienced a power cut between 10.45am and 12pm.  As a result our computers and phones were down, rather traumatic for all concerned.  If you had been trying to phone us and couldn’t get through, we apologise for the inconvenience.

Air conditioning

Heat pumpOne of the advantages of new staff is new ideas.  After many years of suffering the cloying hot days of summer by opening windows and using fans, we decided enough was enough.  In December 2015 we had our air conditioning substantially expanded to cover the whole building.  I have to say that Gavin Lowe Energy did an excellent job and had it all installed and running in only a couple of weeks from our order, allowing us all to feel very cool over the Christmas and New Year period.  The system running on low is virtually inaudible and transforms the comfort level in the consulting and nurses’ rooms.  It’s almost worth getting sick just to come and experience the comfort 🙂

Practice Expansion

Dr Fountain joins the practice

Practice renovations in progress

OMG, we have to open in 2 weeks!

In March 2015 Dr Sandra Fountain (formerly based at Lincoln Rd Medical Rooms) joined the practice.  Over the 3 months prior to this, fairly major structural changes had to be made to the building to accommodate an additional doctor.  The original reception area was gutted and expanded to be transformed into the new waiting room (seen on the Home Page), and the original waiting room became Dr Fountain’s consulting room.  The nurses room was reduced in size a little to expand the waiting room.  H & R Garlick Builders did an amazing job, first wrecking the place, then unbelievably, getting it back to a state where we could open again by the 5/1/15.  Thanks guys.  At the same time we decided to modernize our plumbing and changed over to gas hot water.

Sharyn & Gordon's motor home

Sharyn & Gordon’s motor home

New staff

To cope with the resultant greater patient load there have been some staff changes.  Sharyn, Dr Rollinson’s practice nurse of many years, decided to move on to take up a life of leisure travelling round the country with her husband in their newly acquired mobile home.  To replace her the practice now has two new experienced nurses, Jan and Lisa, both very motivated and keen on their exercise.  Cheryl, Dr Rollinson’s receptionist of many years, now only works Mon-Wed, and Elaine has joined us to cover Thursdays and Fridays.  We have also been blessed with some excellent part-time staff to cover absences and holidays.