Our books are closed for new enrolments, with the exception of family members of current patients.

Advantages of being enrolled

  • Lower consultation charges (as you receive a government subsidy)
  • Cheaper prescriptions ($5 per item, as opposed to $15 per item)
  • Ongoing preventative health care (e.g. cervical screening, mammography, prostate checks)
  • Free sexual health consults for those aged under 21 years
  • Free palliative care visits
  • Subsidized acute packages of care (such as IV antibiotics, or assessment for heart attack or DVT)
  • Recall for childhood immunizations and B4 School Checks
  • For more information about enrolling, and about privacy, refer to Enrolling with General Practice Mar18.

How to enrol

  1. Attend the practice and manually complete an enrolment form, or
  2. Download this editable Enrolment Form. Note: You cannot save the form directly to our website.  You must save it to your computer then open it with Adobe Reader (the Microsoft Edge browser cannot edit the form, but can print it out), fill it out, then print it out and sign it.  Make sure that you have chosen which doctor you intend enrolling with, at the top of the form.  Then either:
    1. scan the form as a .PDF or .TIF file, and Submit your scanned enrolment form by email, or
    2. fax it to (03)332 7514, or
    3. drop it in, or post it, to Cashmere Medical Practice, 215 Ashgrove Tce, Christchurch 8024
  3. For any questions you have about completing the Enrolment form, refer to Enrolling with General Practice Mar18.


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