Coronavirus action

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As you know, the current Covid-19 pandemic is causing serious community and social disruption in New Zealand.  We all need to adjust how we live our lives to try and keep everyone safe.

General Practice focus

Your family health team have multiple priorities in the current environment, including:

  • continuing to provide health care for our patients in need
  • reducing the risk of infection to our patients and the community
  • keeping our healthcare workers and employees safe

How this effects you (our patients)

Working on the principals of keeping our distance and minimising social contact, we encourage the following changes:

Phone prescriptions

Given the circumstances we will have a low threshhold for offering repeat prescriptions without a follow-up consultation. If you are only requiring repeat medication and there are no current health concerns, please phone and request a phone script. Please be clear exactly which medications you need prescribed, to avoid the need for the doctor to call you back to clarify.

Phone consultations

If you don’t need to physically attend the practice, please ring and book in for a phone consultation. Many issues can be effectively addressed on the phone, and prescriptions if required can be faxed through to your pharmacy. We are currently also able to undertake assessments for MSD Work Capacity Certificates and ACC follow-up ACC18 certificates.

If you are unsure whether your issue can be addressed on the phone, please ring and discuss with a nurse first. You and the nurse will be able to determine whether a phone or face-to-face consultation is appropriate, and the nurse can then book you in for one or the other.

Minimising spread

We will be instituting some of the following in an attempt to minimise risk of spreading infection:

  • encouraging patients to sit apart from each other
  • encouraging patients to sit in their car until their appointment time comes up (please phone from your mobile when you arrive in the car park, and reception can ring you back when you are needed)
  • having some seating outdoors, weather permitting
  • spacing out appointments to reduce numbers in the waiting room
  • providing masks and hand sanitiser at the door
  • avoiding hand shaking and other unnecessary physical contact
  • no magazine or toys in the waiting room, as they can spread the virus

Parting words

Stay safe out there everyone. Stay home as much as you can and minimise community movements. Enjoy time with family. The staff at Cashmere Medical Practice wish you all the best in these trying times.

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